Meeting Diego Bernal

Last night we had a meeting about San Antonio Quiet Zones with Representative Diego Bernal for District 123. His office is just south of the North Star Mall and he keeps evening office hours to be available after work.

During the meeting, Mr. Bernal made it very clear that he supports the creation of San Antionio Quiet Zones. He understands the tremendous boost to the quality of life our citizens receive from them. That sentiment was refreshing to hear as we continue the long, muddy climb up this bureaucratic mountain. He even provided some contacts to help out.

Our main take-away is to focus on getting Union Pacific to tell us if the Quiet Zone we are seeking is possbile, first. Determine if there are issues with the specific crossings and see if they can be addressed. With that information, the city can be approached to initiate the official steps of establishing a Quiet Zone. Once we can establish that a quiet zone is possible, then funding can be secured. This is a different approach. Our interactions have only been with the city.

It was a good meeting, gave a new direction, and helped re-energize.

Thank you Representative Bernal!