Lone Star Rail District Suspends Environmental Statement Aug 8 2016
After months of fighting for its relevancy with politicians, bureaucrats and drivers on I-35, Lone Star Rail has passed away. It was 13.
Union Pacific stops passenger train idea in its tracks Feb 10 2016
Union Pacific dealt a major blow to a proposal to connect San Antonio and Austin with passenger rail by pulling one of its tracks from a possible plan.
Quiet Zone Petition Launched Aug 8 2015
Quiet that Train! on iPetitions.com was started to collect signatures and prove the support for a new Quiet Zone.
Neighborhood Interest Meeting July 27 2015
Lavaca invites neighborhood association members and interested citizens gather in the back room at the Freindly Spot to discuss the need for a Quiet Zone.
City Council Closes East-side Train Crossing Permanently May 21 2015
Hoefgen Avenue has been temporarily closed since September 2014, but city council gave the green light Thursday to put a permanent stop to traffic going across the tracks, citing safety issues. (on Google Maps).
Federal Railroad Admi­nistration approves new quiet zone May 20 2015
The Federal Railroad Administration approved a new quiet zone Wednesday that should give residents north of Lone Star Boulevard near Probandt peace and quiet for the first time in a long time.
Quiet zone for trains starts in Alta Vista, Beacon Hill April 17 2015
Covering West Hollywood Avenue to Hickman Street, this is the city’s 11th Quiet Zone.
City Council Public Hearing March 19 2015
The permanent closure of Hoefgen/Essex is on the agenda.
Planning Comission Public Hearing February 25 2015
Meeting is held to discuss the permanent closure of Hoefgen/Essex to create a Quiet Zone and address safety concerns at the crossing. Union Pacific Railroad is in favor of the closure since it is rated as the most dangerous crossing in Texas due to the number of collisions and near misses on record.
Impact with Train Leaves Man Dead February 14 2015
A man is dead after a train ran him over on the tracks just south of downtown. That impact happened around 11:30 a.m. Saturday near Interstate 37 and Boyer Street.
The Lone Star Rail District Holds Public Open House January 20 2015
The meeting is from 5-8 pm on Jan. 20 at the Carver Community Cultural Center to discuss their plans for a commuter train and moving freight traffic out of San Antonio.
City Shuts Down Railroad Crossing Near Downtown Sept 10 2014
City leaders are taking emergency measures to close a railroad crossing just southeast of downtown. That crossing at Hoefgen Avenue and Essex Street was shut down last week after reports of accidents there, the most recent occurring last month.
Train Slams into Quinceañera-bound Limo May 3 2014
A group of 22 teens are breathing a sigh of relief after nearly being hit by a train. The teens were on their way to a quinceañera when their limo got stuck on the tracks at Hoefgen and Essex, just east of I-37.