Lone Star Rail Public Meeting

Tonight we attended a public scoping meeting to learn more about the Lone Star Rail District project. These meetings were held in meetings in 6 locations (Austin, Elgin, Georgetown, San Antonio, San Marcos, Seguin). Their main focus is providing passenger rail service between Austin and San Antonio. Representatives were giving shorts presentations on various topics, reviewing a map of the plan, and running online surveys.

The idea of riding a train up to Austin and missing all the traffic on I-35 is very compelling. It's the side effect of re-directing freight trains that should interest fans of Quiet Zones and gain their support. To handle passenger trains set schedules, freight traffic would be moved to tracks east between Taylor and Seguin where they will also be able to increase their speeds. To learn more, please visit LStar - Freight Rail Relocation Page.

To support this project, Lone Star Rail is seeking your input, questions, and comments.