Quiet Zone Map

To prepare for the meeting with Neighborhood association representatives, we created a Google Map of railroad crossings. One of the goals is to review crossings to include in a new Quiet Zone for San Antonio.

Crossings Included

  1. Pine Crossing 764366Y
  2. Hackberry Crossing 764367F
  3. Iowa Crossing 764383P
  4. Virginia Crossing 764384W
  5. Indiana Crossing 764385D
  6. Delaware Crossing 764289B
  7. Florida Crossing 764290V
  8. Carolina Crossing 764291C
  9. Hoefgen/Essex Crossing 764292J (Closed)
  10. Hoefgen/W Boyer Crossing 415638X
  11. Probandt Crossing 764349H

To help collect information for the map, Selsa found an app, Rail Crossing Locator, from the Federal Railroad Administration. They have verisons for iOS and Android devices.

We've added a permanent Map page on our site here.